Auction Blocks

8:00 to 8:30 Block

Item NoDescriptionValueDonated by
265/75Advanced Auto Car Wash Kit / Brass Rail $10 G/C
190Holiday Living 30" Wreath
72Gordon Grooming $40 G/C
204Disney Elf Greeter$35.00
181Jaclyn Smith Pine Wreath$25.00
198100ft Soft Pine Garland
260Beta Glass Cleaner 12ct Case
27Encore Consignment $25 G/C (3 Locations)
143 Month Pilot News Subscription
206Starter Fishing Set
11Angie Kain Photography $125 G/C
8Hacienda (Erskine Plaza) $25 G/C
243Christmas Decor - Cabinet Door w/Santa, Scarf, Pine Cones
293Caterpillar Lg T-shirt, Black CAT Hat, Red Hat, Camo Hat$48.00
326/139Black Umbrella w/Roses / French Press $10 G/C
333Silver Bracelet Watch w/Stone$90.00
336/1373 Candle Holders Roses / Christos $25 G/C
733Bailey's $50 G/C
407/414Acadia National Park Uncirculated US Mint Quarter Dollars / Deer Road Sign? / Mike Delp

8:30 to 9:00 Block

Item No.DescriptionValueDonated By:
266Remembrance Center Framed Dragon Fly$90.00
233 Month 10x10 Discount Storage Rental$177.00
182Disney Frozen Lighted Statue LED Lights
7Hacienda (Erskine Plaza) $25 G/C
28Encore Consignment (3 Locations) $25 G/C
185Jaclyn Smith Poinsettia Wreath$25.00
15/1953 Month Pilot News Subscription / Holiday Living 56" Tree Skirt
271Sony Blue Ray/DVD Player$90.00
36Kay's Beauty Salon Shampoo, Cut & Dry by Tonda$33.00
189Holiday Living 30" Wreath
227Cook's 5 in 1 Power Blender
245NAPA Evercraft 21pc Screwdriver Set$40.00
218Medium Gold Plaster Christmas Ornament w/Star Cut-outs
285Caterpillar 2XL T-shirt, Pink & Black Lic. Plate, Camo Hat$30.00
136Banfich Interior $50 G/C
135Marilyn Rans CC Hair Co. Pedicure$30.00
138/329Christos $25 G/C / Luxury Fragrance Lamp
323Orange Sunny Beach Bag w/ Watch
734Oil Change and Lube$34.00Plymouth Tire

9:00 to 9:30 Block

Item No.DescriptionValueDonated By:
193Jaclyn Smith Fur Tree Skirt$35.00
473 Guitar Lessons by Matt Girres$60.00
60Ply. Therapeutic Facial Massage$30.00
109Tri-Way Golf Course $25 G/C
44Serv Pro Residential 3 Room Carpet Cleaning$100
69/50Xaver Cleaners $25 G/C / Ponderosa $25 G/C
100Serenity Spa 10 Tanning Visits
9/20716x20" Canvas Print / Holiday Time 30 Shatterproof OrnamentsBowen Printing / ?
171 Pick-Up Load of FirewoodJim Harrell Tree Service
40Lyon's Wrecker Service In City Tow$50.00
51/67Ponderosa $25 G/C / New Attitude Cut, Shampoo & Blow Dry$25 / $18Pondo / Erin Morris
732 Ply. HS Girls Basketball Season Tickets 2016-17
288Caterpillar Med. Gray T-shirt, Pink Chrome Lic. Plate, Camo Hat, LED Light
221Vine Wreath Roses & Gold OrnamentsDee Kelly
319Freedom Alert Personal Emergency Response System$249.00
31850th Anniversary Limited Edition Blueberry Basket$70.00
377Weather Alert RadioMC Emergency Mgt
737Expression Dance Studio $100 G/C
408/415Perry's Victory & Intl. Peace Uncirculated US Mint Quarter Dollars / Horse Road Sign? / Mike Delp

9:30 to 10:00 Block

Item No.DescriptionValueDonated By:
196Holiday Living 34ct Christmas Ornaments
244NAPA Everlast 3/8" Drive Crows Feet$16.00
261Wool Mittens, Hat & SunglassesKarma
31 Night Stay Holiday Inn Express (1 King Bed)
2672 Oil ChangesCountry Auto
19Simple Will by Attorney Joe Morris$100.00
270Floor Length Mirror, Wicker Frame, Metal Swivel Stand
25Encore Consignment (3 Locations) $25 G/C
39Jamal Car Detail$100.00
48Reese's Family Ribs 2 Choice Dinners
63Price Nursery Potted Hydrangea$45.00
93Loren's Pool $25 G/C
68New Attitude Salon Pedicure by Amy$30.00
226/286Grape Vine Pine Cone Wreath Maroon-Gold / CAT 2XL Shirt, Hat, Plate
332/3372 Tea Lights w/Glass / Sassafras Doormat
143/335Ferrell Gas 20lbs Fill / Sanis Watch w/Stones
712/7192Lg 3 Topping Pizza Hut Pizzas / Do It Best Hardware (Argos) $25 G/C$30 / $25
399Paint Pan, 2 Brushes and 1 Gallon Interior Latex Paint$100Sherwin Williams
409/416Wht. Mnt. National Forrest US Uncirculated Quarter Dollars / Moose Road Sign? / Mike Delp

10:00 to 10:30 Block

Item No.DescriptionValueDonated By:
742 Plymouth Boys HS Basketball Season Tickets 2016-17
186Jaclyn Smith Poinsettia Pine Cone Wreath$25.00
78Culver Beach Family Pass 2017 Season$65.00
95/208Hacienda $10 G/C / Holiday Time 30 Ornaments$10 / $16
110Tri-Way Golf Course $25 G/C
76/94Brass Rail $10 G/C / Hacienda (Plymouth) $10 G/C
191Holiday Living Santa Claus
107S&S Lawn Service 1 Pick-Up (You Pick Up) Wood
844 Upper Deck Ft. Wayne Komets Tickets$52.00
1063 Purdue vs. Norfolk St Box Seats Tickets (Dec. 21)
205American #43 Die Cast Muscle Richard Petty Anniversary 1/18th
85$25 Marathon G/CHusband Exterminators
287CAT Lg Gray T-shirt, Blk/Wht License Plate, Camo Hat$30.00
305Boost Mobile Virgin Mobile Mobile Car Charger, Friz-Bee, Lanyard
159Plymouth Super 8 1 Night Stay
371Dep Tile Saw$100.00True Value Hardware
373Weather Alert RadioMC Emergency Mgt
428HD Bluetooth Speaker$129.00AT&T
410/418Grand Canyon US Mint Uncirculated Quarter Dollars / Bear Road Sign? / Mike Delp

10:30 to 11:00 Block

Item No.DescriptionValueDonated By
210/213Holiday Time 30 Shatterproof Ornaments / Lg. Plaster Santa Boot$16.00 / ?
80Whiteman Cook Green House $25 G/C
86$25 Marathon G/CHusband Exterminators
184Holiday Living 8ft Air-blown Elf Sleigh
13$100 Off 4 In-stock Tires G/CDiscount Muffler
92Indianapolis Zoo 2 Tickets & Parking Pass$42.00
29/96Encore Consignment (3 Locations) $25 G/C / Hacienda (Plymouth) $10 G/C
188Holiday Living Blue/Silver Wreath
33Dean Auto Complete Detail$125.00
41Serv Pro Residential 3 Room Carpet Cleaning$100.00
52Ponderosa $25 G/C
4Holiday Inn Plymouth 1 Night Stay (King Bed)
127J's Pub (Argos) $25 G/C
294CAT Med. T-shirt, CAT Hat, Red Hat, Black Hat$47.00
153Peregrine Heating & Air $50 G/C
160Reichart Knepp Towing $50 G/C
375Weather Alert RadioMC Emergency Mgt
730Pretty Lake Golf Club 1 Round of Golf w/Cart
411/417Denali Ntl. Park US Mint Uncirculated Quarter Dollars / Cow Road Sign? / Mike Delp

11:00 to 11:30 Block

Item No.DescriptionValueDonated By
42Serv Pro Residential 3 Room Carpet Cleaning$100.00
561Hr Service Call (Parts & Acc. Not Included)$125.00DC Garage
183Disney "Frozen" Lighted Statue w/Snowflake LED Lights
98Plymouth Rock 18 Hole Round w/Cart
229CAT License Plate, Hat, Med. T-Shirt$25.00
233Angel Bear Tree Topper
77Culver Family Beach Pass 2017 Season$65.00
90/20Applebees (Plymouth) $10 G/C / April Hair Mechanix High/Low Light
247Great Clips Shampoo Assortment & G/C$65.00
228Indiana Flag Mike Pence Certified Flown Over Capital Building
974 Chicago White Sox Upper Level Tickets
199Holiday Living 100ft Garland
235Vine Wreath Gold/Green Grape & Leaves
154Sugar Shack Bakery $25 G/C
144Ferrell Gas 20lbs Tank Fill
151Bowman Tin Shop Furnace/Air Clean OR $100 off New Central Air Unit
372/716Lufkin Twin Pack Tape Measure / Do It Best Hardware (Argos) $25 G/CDoug the Barber /
7311 Case Water per Month for a Year$120.00Overmyer Water
412/419Olympic Ntl. Park US Mint Uncirculated Quarter Dollars / Moose Road Sign? / Mike Delp

11:30 to 12:00 Block

Item No.DescriptionValueDonated By
99Plymouth Rock 18 Hold Round and Cart
192Holiday Living Musical Mrs. Claus
178Holiday Living Solar Multi-Color Net Lights
87/91Marathon $25 G/C / Applebees (Plymouth) $10 G/CHusband Ext. / Applebees
268Country Auto 2 Oil Changes, Backpack, Coozie & Cup
5Holiday Inn Express Plymouth 1 Night Stay (King Bed)
21/81April Hair Mechanix High/Low Light / Mooney's 1 Scoop Weekly for a Year
269Toro Rake & Vacuum by Hoofman L&G (Etna Green)$70.00
6/175Hacienda (Erskine Plaza) $25 G/C / Holiday Living Noel Christmas Ornament
263Advanced Auto Car Wash Bucket & Accessories
231CAT License Plate, Brown Hat, Lg Blue Shirt$25.00
187Jaclyn Smith Poinsettia Pine Cone Wreath$25.00
295CAT White Med. Shirt, Cat Hat, Black Hat w/Flames$38.00
155Sugar Shack Bakery $25 G/C
145/169Vonda's Beauty Salon Hair Cut / Chili's Free Appetizer, 2 Desserts & $10 G/C? / $35.00
159Super 8 1 Night Stay for Family of 5 (King/Queen)
7132Lg 3 Topping Pizza Hut Pizzas$30.00
7321 Case of Water Monthly for a Year$120Overmyer Water
401/420Ancilla Wooden Mascot / Donkey Road Sign? / Mike Delp

12:00 to 12:30 Block

Item No.DescriptionValueDonated By
71Simplicity Salon Shampoo, Cut & Style by Drendalyn
194Jaclyn Smith Tree Skirt$30.00
12Angie Kain Photography 1 Session $125 G/C
209Holiday Time 30 Shatterproof Ornaments$16.00
58Just In Time Heating/Air/Plumbing Safety Inspection$89.00
87/101Marathon $25 G/C / Fusion Cafe (Life Plex) $5 G/CHusband Ext. / ?
62Plymouth Therapeutic Foot Bath & Massage$40.00
200Holiday Living 100ft Soft Pine Garland
30/53Encore Consignment (3 Locations) $25 G/C / Ponderosa $25 G/C
65/70Granny's 1Lg Harold's Pizza / Xaver Cleaners $25 G/C
18Jim Harrell Tree Trimming 1 Pick-Up Load Wood
180Holiday Living Shatterproof Ornaments 12ct
236Green Pine Wreath, Purple Grapes, Gold Bow & Pine Cones
146Boonee's Primitive $30 G/C
170/340Chili's Free Appetizer, 2 Desserts, $10 G/C / Pet Bed by Cus$30.00 / ?
162/358Plymouth Tanning Co. 10 Sessions / Heavy Duty Ammo Box? / $25.00PTC / TSC
378/720Irwin Extended Driver Set / Do It Best Hardware (Argos) $25 G/C
735Trek 2 HD 8" Tablet - Waive Activation Fee$250AT&T
402/421Mini Bluetooth Speaker / Donkey Road SignAncilla / Mike Delp

12:30 to 1:00 Block

Item No.DescriptionValueDonated By:
59Just in Time Air/Heating/Plumbing Safety Inspection$89.00
1053 Purdue vs Western Ill. Men's Basketball Box Seat Tickets (Dec. 19th)
45Serv Pro Residential 3 Room Carpet Cleaning$100.00
10/17616x20" Canvas Print / Holiday Living Noel Christmas OrnamentBowen Printing / ?/
22/225April Hair Mechanix Shampoo, Cut & Style / Wire Pine Cone Grape Wreath
230CAT Pink License Plate, Pink Camo Hat, Lg Gray T-shirt
197/214Holiday Living 6ft Pine Cone Garland / Plaster Santa Decoration
111Tri-Way Golf Course $25 G/C
31/102Encore Consignment (3 Locations) $25 G/C / Fusion Cafe (Life Plex) $5 G/C
179Holiday Living 12 Shatterproof Ornaments
108S&S Lawn Service 1 Pick-Up Load (You Pick Up) of Wood
66Plymouth Elks 2 Fish Dinners, Friday Night, Dine-in Only
238Green Pine Wreath, Gold-Red Berries, Burnt Orange Bow
163/341Plymouth Lawn & Garden $25 G/C / Baby Emma$25 / $20Ply. L&G / CVS
161Jamaica Me Tan Body Wrap
168Chili's Free Appetizer, Kid's Meal, 2 Desserts, $10 G/C$35.00
387John Deere Monster Tread RC Gator$52.00
394Vintage Bud #8 Dale Jr Mirror
404/423Ancilla BBQ Spatula / Rock Pile Road Sign? / Mike Delp

1:00 to 1:30 Block

Item No.DescriptionValueDonated By:
103/202Fusion Cafe (Life Plex) $5 G/C / Holiday Living 8ct Cloth Ornaments
163 Month Subscription to The Pilot News
177Holiday Living 8pc Tree Ornaments
61Plymouth Therapeutic Massage$45.00
88Marathon $25 G/CHusband Exterminators
232Angel Bear Tree Topper$23.00
43Serv Pro Residential 3 Room Carpet Cleaning$99.00
26Encore Consignment (3 Locations) $25 G/C
297CAT Lg. Black T-shirt, CAT Hat, Red Hat, License Plate$43.00
220Vine Wreath Flowers & GrapesDee Kelly
34Dean Complete Auto Detail$125.00
164/3422 Tickets to Moose Lodge New Year's Eve Party / Wireless Indoor Helicopter$30 / $20
166/1712 Free Games of Bowling Up to 4 People & Shoes / Chili's Free App., Kid's Meal, 2 Desserts, $10 G/CQuick's Lanes / Chili's
351Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 2 Wireless Speakers$148Sprint
349Hoosier Tire Cooler, Jacket, T-Shirt, Towel, License Plate and Stuffed Elephant
355Signed Beach Sunset Painting by Sue Shetzel
3602 Ice Cream Chairs
701/366Cafe Max (Culver) $25 G/C / Bain de Terre Shampoo & Conditioner
4292 Notre Dame Hockey Tickets vs Alaska & Mini Hockey Stick

1:30 to 2:00 Block

Item No.DescriptionValueDonated By
104/201Fusion Cafe (Life Plex) $5 G/C / Allen Roth 4 Glass Ornaments
257/274Turquoise Bird Bath / Little Caesars 21" Plush & 2 Pizzas
571Hr Garage Service Call (Parts & Acc. Not Included)$125.00DC Garage Door
2482 Hanging Wall Decorations
203Country Classic Illuminated Musical Ornament
32Encore Consignment (3 Locations) $25 G/C
3003 Under Armour T-Shirts$42.00
55Mentone Flying Club Intro To Flying$75.00
315Ryan Newman Medium T-Shirt, CAT Hat$33.00
291CAT T-Shirt, Light, Hat$56.00
142/324Ferrell Gas 20lbs Refill / Rezzo Clock Purse
338Indianapolis Colts "Chuck Pagano" Autographed Football
158North Central Pallets 1 Pick-up Load Colored Mulch
152Peregrine Heating & Air $50 Visa Card
150Nancy's Beauty Salon $25 G/C
346Chrydalis Plated Jewelry
359Green Dip Chiller Bowl & Horse Radish Dip Mix$30.00
389John Deere 9560 Die Cast Tractor
434Mint Green Quilt
801Barn Quilt Blue/Red 2ft by 2ft

2:00 to 2:30 Block

Item No.DescriptionValueDonated By:
313Bud Light "Here We Go" MirrorParty Pack
241Grape Vine Wreath w/Orange Flowers
272Harley Davidson Zippo Lighter$31.00Low Bobs
275/314Little Caesar's 21" Plush & 2 Pizzas / Harry Potter Med. T-Shirt, CAT Hat? / $23.00
38Just Add H20 Open Water Cert. Includes Fins, Snorkel and Mask$300.00
49/256Reese's Family Ribs 2 Dinners of Choice / Chalkboard Padlock & Key Hanger
290CAT Med. T-Shirt, Hat, Sunglasses, American Flag$
215/211Plaster Santa Decoration / Holiday Time 30 Shatterproof Ornaments? / $16.00
240Gold Vine Wreath w/Apples, Pears & Pine Cones
1Standard Plumbing Heating & Air Checkup$145.00
54Mentone Flying Club Intro. to Flying$75.00Dave Lattimer
298CAT White Xlg Shirt, CAT Hat, Red Hat, License Plate$43.00
321Framed Mistletoe & Flowers PictureThe Frame Shop
140/327Ferrell Gas 20lbs Tank Fill / 3 Rose Candle Holders
325Pontiac GTO 1/15" Scale Remote Control Car
345T-Zone Bowling BallQuick's Lanes
368Cubs Xlg Sweatshirt, Cubs Long Sleeve Lg Shirt, and Cubs Lg Short Sleeve Shirt
424Rockie Rd Road Sign? / Mike Delp
802Barn Quilt Green/Red/White 2ft by 2ft

2:30 to 3:00 Block

Item No.DescriptionValueDonated By:
239Grape Vine Wreath w/Purple and Green Leaves
314/276Harry Potter YM T-Shirt, CAT Hat / Little Caesar's Plush & Pizza
250Metal Shelf & Bless This House Decor
246NAPA 90pc Master Socket Set
222Stella Artois Belgium TobogganMilleas
224Humor Thor Black Hooded Small Coat
219Medium Gold Plaster Christmas Star Cut Ornament
283Cubs Yard DecorationToni's Hair Hut
279/280Song Bird Pedestal w/Scripture / Farmer w/Plow Scultpture
289CAT Lg Gray T-Shirt, Sunglasses & Camo Hat
281Plate Decoration, Light House, Sea Gull & Sailboat & Wooden Cow
141/147Ferrell Gas 20lbs Tank Fill / Symply Tymes $10 G/C
156Wellness Bemer Sessions & Silver Cross$80.00
322Main Stay Floor Lamp
31750th Anniversary Limited Edition Blueberry Basket$80.00
320Freedom Alert Personal Emergency Response System
361/704Bell & Howell Tac Light / Cato $25 G/C
362/700Farmall 2 Piece Die Cast Collection Set & $20 Culver Wings G/C
364/171Hungry Duck Dueling Game / Chili's $10 G/C, Free App., Kid's Meal, 2 Desserts

3:00 to 3:30 Block

Item No.DescriptionValueDonated By:
134Ft. Wayne Zoo 2 Adult Tickets & 2 Youth Tickets$46.00
292/124CAT Shirt & Hat / J's Pub (Argos) $25 G/C
129/112Treat's Squire Shop $25 G/C / Day 1 Nutrition $25 G/C
252/116"Live Your Life Now" Wall Hanging / Goody's $50 G/C
117Plymouth Park Family Pool Pass
113Day 1 Nutrition $50 G/C
255Clock Decor & "Your Family is Blessed" Wall Decor
259Sunglasses, Sour Puss Shoelaces, AC/DC Puzzle, Vinyl JunkiesKarma
212Large Santa Plaster Boot Decoration
282Light House Plate Decoration, Sea Gull, Sailboat, Birdhouse
251Key Display, 2 Keys Framed, Key Holder, Padlock w/Keys Decor
834 Lower Level Ft. Wayne Mad Ants Flex Tickets$88.00
328Geisha Girls Dressed in Red
146/330Symply Tymes $10 G/C / Luxury Fragrance Lamp
334Silver Bracelet Watch w/Stones
165Moose Lodge 2 Tickets to New Year's Eve Party$30.00
365/703Infinite Bluetooth Speaker / Rue 21 $40 G/C
392Bob Snare Wood Carving
425Pilgrim Way Road SignMike Delp

3:30 to 4:00 Block

Item No.DescriptionValueDonated By:
119Fitness Forum Sports & Wellness 4 Day Pass$52.00
310Kings Jewelry Pandora Snowflake Earings$99.00
296CAT Med. T-Shirt, License Plate, Stocking Cap, Red Hat$43.00
304Liquid Force Heart Breaker Vest$80.00Jeff's PWC Marine Culver
302Aveda Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash$46.00Milady Shop
124/308J's Pub (Argos) $25 G/C / Polaroid Wireless Earphones$25 / $30
121Lowry's Carpet Care $50 Off Cleaning
132/277Shedd Aquarium 4 General Admission Tickets / Little Caesar's 21" Plush & 2 Pizzas$32 / ?
1334 Winds Field (SB Cubs) 4 Field Box Seats Regular Season 2017
234/264Gold Painted Vine Wreath w/Gold Bow / Candle Snuffer & Odor Eliminator? / $27? / Karma
311Charles and Charles Epic Red WineJamieson Town Country
223Humor Thor Black Hooded Medium Jacket$200.00
167Regional Turf 12-50lb Bags Will Deliver in Plymouth or Lapaz$225.00
172Chili's Free Appetizer, Kid's Meal, 2 Desserts, $10 G/C
350Hoosier Tire Bag, T-shirt, Sweatshirt, Hat, Cup & Blanket
347Chrydalis Plated Jewelry Fernbaugh's
343/352Airborne Sunglasses w/Case / Signed Glass Vase & Pumpkin PaintingEye Care Center / Sue Shetzel
363/705Big Farm Ram 3500 Goose Neck Trailer & Skid Loader / CATO $25 G/C
426Pilgrim Way Road SignMike Delp

4:00 to 4:30

Item No.DescriptionValueDonated By:
284CAT White 2XL T-Shirt, License Plate, Lime Green Camo Hat
130/242Treat's Squire Shop $25 G/C / Gold Grape Vine Wreath Red & Green Bow & Holly
273Honor Country Zippo Lighter Set
2786pc Alert Home Security System
253"Keep Calm and Go Get Mom" Sign, Peace Sign, Framed "Dream" Picture
262Walking Dead 2017 Calendar, Figurine & SunglassesKarma
216Large Silver Plaster Christmas Ornament w/Cut Out Stars
118Plymouth Park Family Pool Pass
115Adams Culligan 500lbs Softener Salt
249/125"Thank God for Blessings" Wall Hanging / J's Pub (Argos) $25 G/C
2Standard Plumbing Heating Air or Furnace Checkup
331Auto Zone Bucket w/Car Wash, Sponge, Applicator, Towels & 2 Fuel Injector Cleaner
157North Central Pallets One Pick-up Load of Colored Mulch
339National Geographic Atlas of the World
357American Welding Gloves, Mig Pliers, Chipping Hammer, Helmet, Welder's Coat$200.00
396Vintage Miller Light Picture Cold Beer
403Ancilla Chargers Watch

4:30 to 5:00

Item No.DescriptionValueDonated By:
114Day 1 Nutrition $50 G/C
301Under Armour Black YSM T-shirt, XXL Blue T-shirt, YLG Black T-Shirt, YM Black T-Shirt$64.00
237/309Green Pine Cone Wreath, Purple Flower, Gold Bow / Purdue University Football History
126/258J's Pub (Argos) $25 G/C / 2 Wall Decorations
306Boost Mobil Samsung Mobile Phone Charger
120Fitness Forum Sports & Wellness 4 Day Pass$52.00
303Stearns Infinity L-XL Life Vest$40.00Jeff's Marina
122Lowry's Carpet care $50 Off Carpet Cleaning
217/254Large Plaster Star Cut Out Christmas Ornament / Wall Decor Family Picture Frame
128TLC to the Max Salon 1 Week Day Care or Grooming
123Image Hair Design Haircut
299CAT Red Hat, Lg T-Shirt, Cat Hat$46.00
344/353Wiley Sunglasses / Signed Painting Fall Leaves
348Chrydalis Plated Jewelry
354/356Signed "Love Never Melts" Painting / Pillow BelieveSue Shetel / Joann Fabrics
397Vintage Bud Race Car Picture
405/413Acadia Ntl. Park US Mint Uncirculated Quarter Dollars / Tractor Road Sign? / Mike Delp
427USB Power HUB Flash Light$79.00

5:00 to 5:30

Item NoDescriptionValueDonated By:
702Lake House Grill $50 G/C
708/724C&S Outdoor $20 G/C / Opie's Deli $10 G/C
370Jewelry Box by Robin's Nest Bourbon
382Classic Image Misc. Polish & Remover
367/706Chicago Blackhawks Banner / CATO $25 G/C
$30 / $25
722Purdue vs Ohio Football Two Tickets Voucher September 8th, 2017 Season
369Gold Sleigh, Pine Branches, Poinsettia Leaves
$89Ask for Flowers
381Weather Alert Radio
Marshall Co. Emergency
374/707Kobalt 5pc Metric Wrench Set / C&S Outdoors $20 G/C
$20 / $20Doug the Barber / C&S
383/721Fiesta Regis Shampoo & Conditioner / Do It Best Hardware (Argos) $25 G/C
$32 / $25
7253 Haircuts by Uncle Doug
380Sweet Treats Misc Treats Bucket
710Partial High Lite & Haircut by Gina Greenlee
714/7172Lg 3 Topping Pizza Hut Pizza (Ply. Loc.) / Do It Best Hardware (Argos) $25 G/C
$30 / $25
723Pak-A-Sak $25 G/C
312Mark Martin Nascar Vintage 2XL Valvoline Coat
433Blue/Brown Quilt

5:30 to 6:00

Item No.DescriptionValueDonated By:
379Weather Alert Radio
Marshall Co. Emergency
7263 Haircuts by Uncle Dougs
709/711C&C Hair Co. Haircut & Wax by Heather / 2Lg 3 Topping Pizza Hut Pizzas
$25 / $30
718Do It Best Hardware (Argos) $25 G/C
715/3762Lg 3 Topping Pizza Hut Pizzas / Kobalt 8pc Screwdriver Set
$30 / $15
388/728Sally's Makeup Kit 52 Shades / Sudsy Dog $25 G/C
385John Deere Little Rider
391Bob Snare Wood Carving
393Vintage Budweiser Clock
384Poinsettia & Pine Cone Centerpiece
390Coffee Lodge Variety Basket
395Vintage Miller Lite Picture Frame
386Sally's Power 1Q 2in1 Ceramic Hot Brunch or Flat Iron
46Ace Fitness 3 Month Membership with 24hr Key
24Discount Storage 10x10 Rental for 3 Months
422Firetruck Road SignMike Delp
398Budweiser Bucket, 2 Beer Mugs, $30 in Wings Bucks, 1 Small T-ShirtWings Ect.
400Ancilla Charger Blanket & Carrier


BIDDERS:  You may call the radio station at any time to get your bidder number.  Please do not wait until the last minute, call early!  574-936-4096