Big Ticket Items

You are able to bid on big ticket items at any time during the auction.  When you call to bid or check on a big ticket item, please inform the volunteer who answers the phone that you’re inquiring about the big ticket items.

All Day Block

Item No.DescriptionValueDonor
601Regional Turf 4 Step Lawn Application for 1 Acre$300Regional Turf
600Big Splash Adventure 2 Nights Stay & 4 Water Tickets$338.00Midwest Replacement Windows
6024 Step Lawn Application for 1 Acre$300.00Regional Turf
6041 Drivers Ed Driving Class$400.00Hoosier Driving Academy
607Black Diamond Ceramic Coating$995.00McCormick Motors
480Round Carpet$400.00Hubers Carpet Outlet
603Culver Marina Pontoon Rental for a Day$395.00Culver Marina
608Handmade Red Quilt$475.00Mary Carter
609Orange and Green Quilt$475.00Mary Carter
610Black and White Quilt$475.00Amber Van Ness
6053 Day Travel Trailer Rental$390.00Showalter RV
606Bruce's Big Grill BBQ for 10Bruce's Big Grill
611DJ Woody 3 Hour Party$350Woodrow Cotton
2014 Ford ExplorerOliver Ford
2008 Toyota SiennaOliver Ford