Half Hour Blocks

9:00 to 9:30

Item No.DescriptionValueDonor
412Congonree Outfitters Case Fleece
422Deluxe Detail Car Kit
418Case Tractor
304/438Disney Lightshow / Slime Surprise
371Black Floral Quilt
428Boyd Bear BasketP&J Antiques and Collectibles
1/369Whiteman-Cook Greenhouses $25 G/C / Holiday Wreath
10/480Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum $25 G/C / Bear Crossing Roadsign
26/424Plymouth Therapeutic Massage by Jeannie / Hairkit Matrix
35Jefferson Street Automotive Oil Change
50/355Pilot News 6mos Subscription / Weather Alert Radio
76/128$25 G/C Towards Lowry's Carpet Cleaning / Marathan $20 Gas CardLowry's / Husband Exterminators
114/145Black Cat Clothing Store $25 G/C / Beaux Cheveux Studio $30 G/C
439/53Remote Control Truck / Rob's Grill Big Hawaiian Inc. 2 Sides
165/437Expression Dance Studio $50 G/C / Bag of Toys
166/54Mila's Market (3) $10 G/C / / Rob's Grill 2 Sides
149/142/116821 Car Wash 2 Premium Car Washes / Treat's Squire Shop $50 G/C / Bowen Printing 16x20 Canvas Print
139/121Holiday Inn 1nt Stay Standard Night / Moose Food Purchase
122/136Serenity Spa 10 Tanning Visits / Moose Food Purchase $25 G/C
153Wings Ect $20 G/C.

9:30 to 10:00

Item No.DescriptionValueDonor
303/479Disney Light Show / Donkey Road Sign
426Toy Basket/Doll/Ornaments
394Snowman & Bucket w/$25 Starbucks G/C & Discount Carpet Warehouse $25 G/CJune Stahl
398/380Grey Plush Blanket / Christmas Believe Pillow
372Easy Wake Trainer
302Carole Town Christmas Collection
497Rustic & Chic Fuzzy Fleece Plaid Blanket
2/385Whiteman-Cook Green House / Miniature Light-up Tree$25.00
14/415Truth About Dogs Free Day of Daycare / Case T-Shirt
30/69/77The Breakroom Pub & Grill Argos $10 G/C / BullDawg Drive-Inn Argos $5 G/C / Sweet Swirlz Frozen Yogurt $5 G/C
45/488Amore Jules Shampoo, Haircut, Blowdry / Karma T-shirt, Beanie and $25 G/C
52/80New Attitude Salon Shampoo, Cut, Dry by Erin Morris / Sweet Swirlz Frozen Yogurt $5 G/C
86Deans Auto Detail
432/442Jeep Hat & Xlg Shirt / Andre Dawson Signed Baseball
144/138Cashen Creek Florist $30 G/C / Holiday Inn 1nt Stay in Standard Room
143/155Bowman's Tin Shop Furnace Clean / April Hair Mechanix Cut/Style
124Michiana Rental $100 G/C
130Essensce Spa & Salon 5 Salt Lounge Sessions & 5 Sauna Sessions
134Rent-a-Center 2 Weeks Free Rental on New Contract
157Servpro Three Room Carpet Clean
94/100Pizza Bill's 3 Topping Large Pizza / Country Charm Cleaning $25 G/C

10:00 to 10:30

Item No.DescriptionValueDonor
364Merry Christmas Long Pillow
365Plush Holiday Blanket
397/475Oral B Electric Kid's Toothbrush / Fire Truck Road Sign
334 / 483Showlights / Atlanta Braves Leather Headrest
395Snowman Baskets, $25 Starbucks G/C & Discount Carpet $25 G/C
383Picture Frame & Jewelry BoxMelissa Bailey - Simple Treasures
34718" Wooden Curled Wreath
5/322Jana's Gymnastics 1 Private Lesson / LED Lightshow Green Spotlight
23/404UPS Store 100 Blk/Wht Copies / Elvis Zippo Lighter
34$100 G/C Towards Discount Muffler 4 In-Stock Tires
42Klotz Automotive 5qt Oil Change (excludes synthetic oil
49/379Pilot News 6mon Subscription / Twin Size Sleeping Bag
84/99New Attitude Pedicure by Amy / Country Charm Cleaning $25 Dry Clean G/C
91Coffee Lodge Bakery 1dz Donuts Every Other Month for a Year
156/123/499April Hair Mechanix Highlight/Lowlight / Moose Food Purchase $25 G/C / Fernbaugh Silver Bracelet
140/56Plymouth Tanning Company 6 Sunstorm Sessions / Rob's Grill 1/2 Chicken Includes 2 Sides
64Culligan 500lbs Solar SaltAdams Water
172/58Gordon's Grooming / Rob's Grill 1/2 Rack Includes 2 Sides

10:30 to 11:00

Item No.DescriptionValueDonor
425Sherwin Williams Paint Kit
431JBL Bluetooth Speaker
398Grey Chevron Checkered Blanket
413/478Black & Red Case Sweatshirt / Cow Road Sign
377Turquoise Knitted Afghan
323/455/456/453LED Lightshow White Spotlight / YO Nana Recipe Book / Yo Nana Machine / French Soup Bowl
370/489Bright Eyes Columbia Sunglasses / Karma T-Shirt, Beanie, $25 G/C
319/320/19Holiday Decor / Holiday Lawn Decor / $10 Plymouth Lawn & Garden G/CPlymouth Lawn & Garden
373Pallet Shelf Christmas Tree
12/382Castaway Family Diner $15 G/C / Weber Grill Tool Set
16MasterTech Automotive & Truck Repairs 5qt Oil Change
22UPS Store 100 Colored Copies
29/63/68The BreakRoom Pub & Grill - Argos $10 G/C / La D'zert Cafe G/C 6 Cupcakes of Choice / BullDawg Drive-Inn Argos $5 G/C
36/40Jefferson Street Automotive Oil Change / Simplicity Salon by Drendalyn Ortiz
471/465/466Pilgrim Rockies Roadsign / John Deere Lunchbag / John Deere Backpack
75/127Lowry's Carpet Cleanign $25 G/C / Marathon $20 G/CLowry's / Husband Exterminators
88/113Mirror Image Salon $25 G/C by Melinda / Black Cat Clothing Store $25 G/C
90American Clean Pro $199 G/C Towards Gutter Cleaning
106/120Kay's Beauty Salon Shampoo, Cut, Blow Dry w/Tonda / Moose Food Purchase $25 G/C
448Hand Carved Walking Stick
463Avion Tequilla

11:00 to 11:30

Item No.DescriptionValueDonor
331Peace & Joy Sign
3457" Inflatable Christmas Sign
375Brown Knitted Afghan
360NHRA Diecast Cars
427PJ Antiques Doll Basket
330/459LED Lightshow Red Spotlight / Dale Earnhardt Jr. Die Cast Replica
457/469Rocky Road Sign / Blackhawk T Series Gun Holster Right Handed
338/484Holiday Lightshow / USCLA Bruins Leather Headrest
3/350Whiteman-Cook Grennhouse $25 G/C / Poinsetta Wreath
9Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum $25 G/C
24/357UPS Store 100 Blk/Wht Copies / Weather Alert Radio
48/388Pilot News 6mos Subscription / Velvet Mudpie Mini Pumpkins
60Lyon's Wrecker Service In City Limits Tow or Lockout
92Coffee Lodge Bakery 1 Dozen Doughnuts Every Other Month for a Year
441Nerf Football Silly Putty Stuffed Dragon / Hairgoals
98/104Pizza Bills 1lg 3 Topping Pizza, Burrito, & Salad / Country Charm Cleaning $25 Drop Off Cleaning G/C
152/57821 Car Wash 2 Premium Washes / Rob's Grill Rib Tips Includes 2 Sides
164/477NAPA Auto Parts $25 G/C / Tractor Road Sign

11:30 to 12:00

Item No.DescriptionValueDonor
410Autozone Car Wash Kit
361Handknitted Afghan
359Quisinart Wafflemaker
344/470/4617" Inflatable Santa / Pilgrimway Sign / Dale Earnhardt Sr & Jr Dolls
335Holiday Lightshow
420/416Case T-Shirt / Diecast Tractor
391Snowman, $25 Starbucks G/C, $25 Discount Warehouse G/C
429Silver Lamp
362/496/171Grinch Sign / Believe Decorated Iceskate / Four Winds Casino $100 G/C
311/340/6Holiday Ornaments / Holiday Living Wreath / Jana's Gymnastics 1 Private Lesson
15/316Truth About Dogs 1 Free Day of Daycare / Holiday Lightshow
28/62/67The BreakRoom Pub&Grill - Argos $10 G/C / La D'Zert Cafe 6 Cupcakes of Choice / BullDawg Drive-Inn - Argos $5 G/C
37Jefferson Street Automotive Oil Change
51/79New Attitude Salon Shampoo, Cut, and Dry from Erin Morris / Sweet Swirlz Frozen Yogurt $5 G/C
72/111Xaver Cleaners $25 G/C Towards Dry Cleaning / Black Cat Clothing Store $25 G/C
105/119Kay's Beauty Salon Shampoo, Cut and Dry w/Tonda / Moose Food Purchase $25 G/C
151/162821 Car Wash 2 Premium Washes / Country Auto Center 5qt Oil Change
103/97Country Charm Cleaning $25 Drop Off Laundry G/C / Pizza Bills Lg 3 Topping Pizza, Burrito, and Salad
163/476NAPA Auto Parts $25 G/C / Deer Road Sign

12:00 to 12:30

Item No.DescriptionValueDonor
309/485LED Joy Light / Atlanta Braves Leather Headrest
367/464Let It Snow Plush Blanket / Bailey's Cordial Ceramic Bowl Set
421Diecast Tractor
384/495/170Freddy Bear Pizza Kit / Snowman Candle Holder / TLC to the Max Dog Spa
352Basket w/Warm Vanilla Sugar & Lottery TicketsLarry & Glenda Pachniak and Steve & Brenda Harper
348Lightup Wreath
407Snap-On Semi Tractor Diecast
318/460/468Disney Lightshow / NASCAR Jeff Gordon Car / Pilgrim Way Sign
393Snowman Basket w/ $25 Starbucks & Discount Carpet G/C
4/348Whiteman-Cook Greenhouse $25 G/C / Christmas Wreath
21UPS Store 100 Color Copies
32North Central Pallets 1-Pickup Load of Mulch
47/367Pilot News 6mos Subscription / Blanket
74/126$25 Lowry's G/C Towards Carpet Cleaning / $20 Marathon Gas CardLowry's / Husband Exterminators
87/112$25 Mirror Image Salon G/C by Melinda / Black Cat Clothing $25 G/C
434Classic Image Hair Salon Volumizing Products
65Culligan 500lbs Solar SaltAdams Water
95/101Pizza Bills Lg 3 Topping Pizza, Burrito, Salad / Country Charm Cleaning $25 Dry Cleaning G/C
117/148/154Bowen Printing 16"x20" Canvas Print / 821 Car Wash 2 Premium Washes / April Hair Mechanix Shampoo, Cut & Style
132Discover Flight - Mentone

12:30 to 1:00

Item No.DescriptionValueDonor
411Inflateable 54" Tubing Tube
310/341Christmas Ornaments / Holiday Living Bow
315Disney Holiday Lightshow
381Snowflake Pillow
401/487Baltimore Orioles Zippo Lightser / Karma T-Shirt & Beanie
328/329LED Dual Net Style Lights / LED Dual Net Style Lights
417Flannel Lined Case Jacket
353Me're Simple Treasures Drink Kit
339Holiday Lightshow
11Culver Park Family Beach Pass
39$25 Simplicity Salon G/C w/Drendalyn
41Koltz Automotive 5qt Oil Change (excludes synthetic)
59Lyon's Wrecker In-City Tow or Lock-Out
89American Clean Pro $199 G/C Towards Gutter Cleaning
435Marvle Legend Cull Obsidian Toys
160Servpro 3 Room Carpet Cleaning
96/102Pizza Bills 1 Lg 3 Topping Pizza, Burrito, Salad / Country Charm Cleaning $25 G/C Towards Drop Off Laundry Clean
150/161821 Car Wash 2 Premium Car Washes / Country Auto Oil Change up to 5qts
167/445Park N Shop 8 8oz Filet Mignon, Yeti Rambler 18oz
498Horse Road Sign

1:00 to 1:30

Item No.DescriptionValueDonor
7$20 Off 1 Month of Gymnastics of Ninja Lessons
13/423$15 G/C to Castaways Diner / Brunswick T-Zone Bowling BallCastaways / Quick's Lanes
18/349$10 Plymouth Lawn and Garden G/C / Christmas Wreath
25/406UPS Store 100 Blk/Wht Copies / MTX Headphones
27/66/61The BreakRoom Pub&Grill - Argos $10 G/C / BullDawg Drive-Inn $5 G/C / La D'Zert Cafe 6 Cupcakes of Choice
33Discount Muffler 4 In-Stock Tires
38Jefferson Street Automotive Oil Change
43Vonda's Beauty Salon Haircut
46/307/408Pilot News 6mos Subscription / Kowl Scarf / French Press Coffee Mug
71/110Xaver Cleaners / Black Cat Clothing Store
83/129New Attitude Pedicure by Amy / Gas CardNew Attitude / Husband Exterminators
85Dean's Auto Detail
436Hot Wheels, Hat, Gloves, Slim
433Classic Image Hair Salon Styling Products
374Humpty Snowman
408French Press Coffee Mug
414CASE Sweatshirt
332/333/325Reindeer Stocking Hanger / Christmas Tree Stocking Hanger / LED Lightshow
409Snap-On Tool Ceramic Bank
419Barge Wagon
321/458Caemate Samsung Galaxy Tab A Case / Goodwrench Wheaties Trackside Collection
354/481Beta Clean Surface Cleaner / North Carolina State Leather Headrest

1:30 to 2:00

Item No.DescriptionValueDonor
8/324Jana's Gymnastics 1 Free Lesson / Holiday Lightshow
17MasterTech Automotive & Truck Repairs 5qt Oil Change
20UPS Store 100 Color Copies
31/70/78The Breakroom Pub & Grill / BullDawg Drive Inn / Sweet Swirlz Frozen Yogurt
44Amore Jules Shampoo Haircut Blow Dry
73/125$25 G/C Towards Lowry's Carpet Cleaning / $20 Marathon Gas CardLowry's / Husband Exterminators
93/118Nancy Beauty Saon / Moose Food Purchase G/C
115/146Black Cat Clothing Store / Beaux Cheveux Studio
440Bag of Toys - Ping Pong, Wobble Sparkle, Silly Putty
387Burr Oak Whistle Stop - Holiday Wreath
349Poinsetta Wreath
343/305Holiday Bow / Holiday Garland
356/405Weather Alert Radio / Snapon Tools Backpack
430DVX Sunglasses
301Finn Lightup Haberdashery
390Bucket Snowman with $25 Starbucks & Discount Carpet G/C
406/472Hi-Fi Noise Rich Headphone / Ram Road Sign
396Car Detail Kit
451Pink Handmade Quilt
317 / 473Disney Holiday Lightshow / Disney Holiday Lightshow / Moose Road Sign

2:00 to 2:30

Item No.DescriptionValueDonor
178Bob's Cafeteria Tailgate Party for 10
450Handmade Quilt
493/168Holiday Decorated Rolling Pin & Park N Shop 8-12oz Ribeye
455Lightup Santa Noel Wreath
491Big Sexy Hair & Holiday Collection Bombs
446Herradura Tequila Set
447Gas Powered Handheld Leaf Blower
467Brookfield Collector's Guide 1999 Stock Car
492Gas One Hi Pressure Propane Bundle
486Karma T-Shirt and Beanie & $25 G/C
490Hacienda Plymouth Mug & Mini Pinata & $25 G/C
482Atlanta Braves Leather Seat Headrest
452Annual Marshal County Blueberry Basket
169/455Fort Knox Paintball Package / Soccer Ball
449Handmade Wooden Snowman Decoration
474Golf Cart Crossing Street Sign
454Stars & Stripes Forever Americana Wooden Flag
462/173/174Plymouth Athletics Cooler / Auto Park Oil Change / Gordon's Grooming
180/181/182Hacienda Erskine Plaza / C&C Hair Co. / Marilyn Rans Nails