Half Hour Blocks

8:00 to 8:30

Item No.DescriptionValueDonor
402Disney Magic Holiday Projector Spotlight$30.00
4331.5Gal Halloween Liquid Dispenser$15.00
449Vanilla Essential Oil & Keychain Diffuser$20.00Happy Hippie Boutique
504 / 15Golden Star Globe / Brass Rail $10/G/C $30.00 / $10.00 / Brass Rail
563Spiderman Plush Throw Blanket$30.00Low Bob's
565Shadow Box Picture Frame Collage$10.00Low Bob's
576 / 80Pomsies Purple Kitty / Lowry's Carpet Cleaning $25 G/C $10.00 / $25.00Walgreens / Lowry's
586Project Grinder$40.00Argos Do It Best Hardware
587Everyday Play Tractor&Shed Playset$40.00Bane Welker
610Backwards Clock$19.00Karma
76DC Garage One Sevive call uo to 1 hr$125.00DC Garage Door
85Stone Excavating 1000 Gal Septic Pump$235.00
40 / 98New Attitude GC's Shampoo, Cut Erin Morris / Pedi by Amy$48.00
124Pilot News 6 Mo Subscription$50.00
136 / 158Black Cat Clothing Co $25 GC/Chilli's $20 GC$45.00
183Fort Wayne Zoo (2) Adult (2) youth$50.00
218/247Castaways $10 GC/Papa John's 3 LG Pizzas

8:30 to 9:00

Item No.DescriptionValueDonor
411 / 225Outdoor Ceramic Pumpkin Decoration / $20 Marathon GCHusband Exterminators$20.00
452 / 47Five Nights of Freddie Pizza Set / Papa John's 3 LG Pizza$20.00
453Disney LED Projection Spotlight$30.00
459Midland Weather Alert Radio$20.00Marshall Co. Emergency Director
474Oak Jewelry Box$75.00Robin's Nest
491 / 170Shingle Gutter Clips for Christmas Lights / Smith Farm Store $50 GC$80.00
505Porcelein Christmas Doll$20.00
581Big Wubble Fulla Marbles & Pick Me Pop$16.00Walgreens
585NAPA Storage Step Stoll$40.00NAPA Auto
597/603CASE IH Vehicle Plate & IH Hat$30.00Bane Welker
26Holiday Inn Express One Night King Size Bed
92/159/171Barn Café $10GC/Chilli's $25GC/ King Gyro $10GC$40.00
39/257New Atitude Erin Morris Shampoo Cut / Cato's $25 GC$43.00
56Jamal Car Detail $125.00
86Stone Excavating 1000 gal septic pump$235.00
188Alpha Flight Discover Flight$50.00
99/128New Attitude Pedi by Amy/Xaver Cleaner$55.00
691Stop SignMichiana Contracting

9:00 to 9:30

Item No.DescriptionValueDonor
412Red & Green Christmas Kaleidoscope Projection Light$30.00
4133 Embers 2 Piece BBQ Tool Set$20.00
434/60Angel Bear Tree Topper / Moose $25 GC$45.00
441BetaClean Surface Cleaner$50.00Plymouth Glass
454/931.5 Gallon Halloween Liquid Dispenser / Ponderosa $25 GC$45.00
502Purple Grape Wreathe$50.00Dee Kelly
564Regal Comfort American Blanket$100.00Low Bob's
577/46Thunder Tumbler Remote Car / Pizza Hut One LG 3 topping$35.00Walgreens
584Pink Bag with Chevy Apparel & Screwdriver Pen$35.00Country Auto
590/2Citronella Candle / Best One Tire Service$22.00Bane Welker
62April Hair Mechanix Highlight Lowlight
108Michiana Rental$100.00
174Coffee Lodge 1 Dz Donuts for a year
107Jana's Gymnastics 8wk session New Student$25.00
177Treats Squire Shop$50.00
163/206Papa Vino's $20 GC / Ferrell Gas 20lbs Cylinder Fill$40.00
182Plymouth Therapeutic Massage $30 Mins w/Jeannie$40.00
250Two Tickets Purdue Womans BBall Game$35.00

9:30 to 10:00

Item No.DescriptionValueDonor
403LED Projection Plus LightShow$30.00
429Harmonize Wireless Headphone w/Mic$35.00
432/248Freddy Fazbear's Pizza Kit / Papa Johns 3 Lg Pizza's$20.00
447Autograph Purdue Basketball CoachPurdue Athletics
462/215Midland Weather Alert Radio / J's Pub $25 GC$20.00Marshall Co. Emergency Director
473Fullsize quilt$70.00
487/220(2) Snowman / Castaways $20 GC$35.00Discount Carpet
501/69Ceramic Gold Turine / Lowry's Carpet Clean $25 towards Carpet Clean$30.00
578Big Wubble Fulla Marbles & Pick Me Pop$16.00Walgreens
588Case IH 970 Black Knight Demonstrator$50.00Bane Welker
75DC Garage One Service Call uo to 1 Hr$125.00
81/160La Dezert 6 Cupcakes of Choice / Chilli's $20 GC$35.00
235/101821 Car Wash $20 / Bull Dawg Drive In Argos $5$25.00
79Simplicity Salon Shampoo Cut Style $30.00
169/191Bob's Country Store North Liberty / Country Auto 5qt Oil Change$90.00
149(2) Ticket to Wagon Wheel Annie Dec 20, 2019
109(2) General Admission Ticket Value Newport $51.98
683Hoosier Lottery Basket
648Crown Royal Peach

10:00 to 10:30

Item No.DescriptionValueDonor
415Char broil grill 150$63.00
422Connelley PFD (2) Junior & Youth$100.00
438LED Projection Plus 15ft$20.00
439/3Polyresin Clown Figurine / Best One Tire Service$40.00
464/45Sinister Pumpkin Mister / Pizza Hut 1 LG 3 Topping Pizza$15.00
465Carter creme baby blanket $8.00
476vintage oil painting $50.00
566Plastic multiple picture frame$10.00
571Hand painted Mug$10.00Low Bob's
591/602Case IH Tin sign / camo baseball hat logo CaseIH$40.00Bane Welker
66Bowman's Tin Shop Furnace or Central Air Clean
185Woodbury Golf Course 1(2) some 18 Hole
221/68Maurer Pool Supply $25 GC / Vonda's Beauty Salon Haircut$45.00
94/73Ponderosa $25 GC / Michiana Raceway Park 10 min GC
116/161Country Charm Cleaners $25 GC / Papa Vino's $20 GC$45.00
684Tigi Hair Products

10:30 to 11:00

Item No.DescriptionValueDonor
425Cuisinart Waffle Maker$20.00
426/246Freddy Fazbear's Pizza Kit / Papa John's 1 LG Pizza$20.00
428Disney Magic Holiday Projector Spotlight$20.00
430Cinderella Television HannSpree$70.00P&C Pawn Shop
463Midland Weather Alert Radio$20.00Marshall Co. Emergency Director
466/162Red Fleece Throw Blanket 50"x60" / Papa Vino's $20 GC$5.00
490/20775ct Shingle Gutter Holiday Clip (4pk) / Ferrell Gas Cylider Fill$20.00
494/61Red Santa Outdoor Christmas Boot / Moose $25 GC$40.00
530/510/541CAT vanity plate / Caterpillar Camo Hat / Yellow CAT t-shirt 2xl$20.00Caterpillar South Bend
123Pilot News 6mo Subscription$50.00
32McIntire Mulch P/U Load$120.00
37/234Jefferson Street Autommotive Oil Change / 821 Car Wash $20$49.99
178(2) tickets Choice Purdue Convocation
78/260Simplicity Salon Shampoo Cut Style / Catos $25 GC$55.00
113One Case of Water per Month for a Year$120.00Overmyer Water
688Geese Picture
681Children's Laptop Teach & Talk
682Hoosier Lottery Basket

11:00 to 11:30

Item No.DescriptionValueDonor
401Disney Magic Holiday Projector Spotlight$30.00
440/2451.5 Gallon Halloween Liquid Dispenser Little Cesaers 3 Pizzas & Crazy Bread$35.00
448/216Sunkist Backpack w/ Basketball / J's Pub GC$25.00Pac-a-Sac
455Antique Coffee Grinder$70.00
471Toro Powerjet F700 Electric Blower$70.00Hoffman Outdoor Power Etna Green
472Hoosier Tire Ticket Holder Autographed by Tony StewartKathy Bottorff
49550th Anniversary Ivory Roses Gold Pattern China Set$50.00The Davis'
7/573Sweet Swirls $5 GC / Thunder Tumbler Remote Car$20.00Walgreens
580Big Wubble Fulla Marbles & Pick Me Pop$16.00Walgreens
582Ray Ban Women's Sunglasses$150.00Dr. Kralovansky
605/606/592CASE Hat / Camo Hat / Farmall Metal Sign$45.00Bane Welker
30/210Mastertech 5qt Oil Change / Ferrell Gas $20 Cylinder Fill$65.00
143Discount Muffler $100 toward 4 in stock tires$100.00
16/150/219Brass Rail / KFC Fillup Meal / Castaways $10 GC$40.00Brass Rail/KFC/Castaways
156Ft. Wayne Komets (4) tickets$56.00
54Lyons Wrecker Lockout or Tow Inside Plymouth City Limits$50.00
57/198Nancy Beauty Salon / UPS Store 500 Color Business Cards$64.00
678GFX Mini Projector

11:30 to 12:00

Item No.DescriptionValueDonor
410Guilds of Ravnica Game$15.00Game Stop
435Angel Bear Tree Topper$20.00
451Disney LED Projection Spotlight$30.00
475Windmill Painted PictureDiscount Carpet
478Blue Devil Baby Doll$20.00Discount Carpet
479Blue Overall Baby Doll$20.00Discount Carpet
485Green Vera Bradley Purse$50.00Discount Carpet
507Orange Fall Wreathe$50.00Dee Kelly
569Flameless Remote Controll Candles$20.00Low Bob's
574Pomsies Blue Kitty$10.00Walgreens
601/598CASE Hat / Children's Books$22.00Bane Welker
689Tree Picture
4Mentone Flying Club Discovery Flight
1Best 1 Tire 5qt Oil Change, Tire Rotation Balance
212Plymouth Family Pool Pass
6Culligan 500lbs Solar Salt
692Stop SignMike Delp Michiana Contracting

12:00 to 12:30

Item No.DescriptionValueDonor
436/84Christmas Projection Light / Simplee Stated $10.00 G/C $20.00
457Ft Wayne Tincaps Baseball Hat and nap sack$20.00Ft. Wayne Tin Caps
460/167Midland Weather Alert Radio / Burger King 4 Whopper Combo Meal$20.00Marshall Co. Emergency Director
469/18Cool Bears Set / Hacienda $10.00 G/C$12.00
480/67Gold Sequence Purse / Vonda's Beauty Salon Haircut$10.00Discount Carpet
488Blueberry Festival Basket$113.50Blueberry Festival Committee
489/2613 pk out door light stakes / BP Gas Card $25$40.00
492/121Santa Luminary / Pilot News 6mo Subscription$25.00Kroger
496/145th of Stoli with mobile charger / Brass Rail $10 G/C$30.00
544/259Gold tone Chandelier / Catos $25 G/C$35.00Value Properties
5Mentone Flying Club Discovery Flight$50.00Mentone Flying Club
52Deans Auto Complete Detail $125.00
144Simple Will -Lukinbill Law Ofc.(2)
49Pizza Hut One Large 3 Topping$20.00
71Lowry's Carpet Clean $25 towards Cleaning
685Tigi Hair Product
656Pepper Patch Hot Sauces
2654 Box Seats Chicago Cubs 4 Winds Field

12:30 to 1:00

Item No.DescriptionValueDonor
404/83Ceramic outdoor lighted pumpkin / The Frame Shop $75 G/C$95.00
456/251Disney LED Projection Spotlight / Granny's Lrg Harold's Special$30.00
458/135Trick or treat 1.5 gal dispenser / Black Cat Clothing Store $25 G/C$45.00
497/120Regis Designline Shampoo/Conditioner & brush / Country Charm Cleaners $25 Dry Cleaning G/C$50.00
500/194Ceramic Gold Turine / Mi Lindo Acapulco II $10 G/C$30.00
543oral b rechargeable tooth brush & mouthwash, toothpaste, brushes$50.00Dr. Pedavoli
548/262wooden hanging flag / Hoosier Valley Road Museum 4 Tickets$80.00Stars & Stripes Forever by Sally Frick
549/50Black Ohio backpack / Pizza Hut One Large 3 Topping$40.00
559/59multi color twin size quilt / Moose$50.00
604/607/596Blue American Flag ball hat / case IH winter hat / tin case IH placard$35.00Bane Welker
55Lyons Wrecker Lockout or Tow Inside Plymouth City Limits$50.00
142Discount Muffler 4 in stock tires$100.00
147Upper One 11 Event & Specialty Rental$175.00
197/88Serenity Spall 30 minute massage & pedicure / Beauty Stache wax & cut

1:00 to 1:30

Item No.DescriptionValueDonor
4196 tanning sessions, 6 tanning toner/lotion$100.00Plymouth Tanning Company
427/82Angel Bear Tree Topper / La Dzert 6 cupcake your choice$30.00
443/231Disney Magical Spotlight exterior / 821 Car Wash $20$20.00
467/9150"x60" Black Fleece throw / Barn Café $5 G/C$10.00
484(2) Stuffed interior snowman display$50.00Discount Carpet
503/21exterior gold star dome / Plymouth Lawn & Garden $10 G/C$30.00
567/226Plastic multiple picture frame / Marathon $20 -Husband Exterminators$10.00.../Husband Exterminators
570hand painted 26oz Military Camo colored mug$20.00
572Blue hat radio controlled rally car$15.00
575/112Pomsie pink kitty / Hacienda Erskine Plaza $25 G/C$35.00
148Discount Storage towards rental & storage unit $177 G/C$177.00
208American Cleanpro $199 GC$199.00
180/230Plymouth Therapeutic Massage 30 min w/KIM / CC Hair – Heather $25 G/C
187Woodbury Golf Course 1 (2) some 18hole
145Elks Fish Dinner (2) tickets
205Ferrellgas 20lbs Cylinder Fill$20.00
665Boonies Primitive Candle
646Notre Dame Yard Ornament

1:30 to 2:00

Item No.DescriptionValueDonor
405/103LED Projection Plus LightShow / BullDawg Drive Inn Argos $5 G/C$30.00
406/168Chronnauts Card Game of Travel / Burger King 4 Whopper Combo Meal$15.00
408/253Cuisinart Waffle Maker / French Press $10 G/C$20.00
461/119Midland Weather Alert Radio / Country Charm Cleaners $25 Dry Cleaning G/C$20.00Marshall County Emergency Director
470(2) tan colored bears "Blues Brothers"$30.00
477Light colored framed with a pastel color heart$20.00
508/19Orange Fall Wreathe / Hacienda $10 G/C$50.00Dee Kelly
583Oakely Black Sunglasses$150.00
589/137Case IH citronella red tin candle / Encore $20 G/C$10.00
608/20Buffalo wild wings 3 hot sauce / Kroger $25 G/C$30.00The Pilot News
179(4) Four Winds Casino $100 G/C$100.00
125Pizza Bills Large Pizza 3 Topping/Burrito/Salad$35.00
105Jana's Gymnastics 8 week session New Student$25.00
31Artizan Flooring 20%off up to $500 Flooring Material
89Amore Jules Shampoo Haircut Blow Dry
33Image Hair Salon Argos Haircut/Shampoo$20.00
668Handmade Baby Afghan

2:00 to 2:30

Item No.DescriptionValueDonor
414Projection Lighting 20ft Star Spinner$20.00
445Cuisinart Waffle Maker$20.00
482/609blk small traveler bag & CBD muscle rub & Relief Toads$20.00Discount Warehouse
486/204lighted Christmas Snowman with wreath / Ferrellgas 20lbs Cylinder Fill$15.00
498men's biolage shampoo/conditioner/gel& (2) $5 gift cards, apron$50.00Great Clips
545Gold tone Chandelier$35.00Value Properties
547/448x14 Wooden sign @family / Whiteman Cook Green House $25 G/C$10.00
554/13CAT orange winter cap, cup coozie / Brass Rail $10 G/C$10.00
560/138twin size quilt / Encore $20 G/C$30.00
594Case IH Tin sign & 2018 National Farm show 4166 $40.00
126Pizza Bills Large Pizza 3 Topping/Burrito,Salad$35.00
29Mastertech 5qt Oil Change$45.00
34/10Culver Family Beach Pass / Sweet Swirlz $5 G/C$65.00
100(2) Season Tickets Plymouth Boys Basketball
222/255Gordons Grooming $45 / Truth About Dogs 1st Day of Training Free$45.00
238Essence Spa & Salon Five Salt Sessions
228/166Marathon $20 -Husband Exterminators / Burger King 4 Whopper Combo Meal$20.00

2:30 to 3:00

Item No.DescriptionValueDonor
407LED Projection Light Show$20.00
442White Sox Picture Autographed by Yoan MoncadaChicago White Sox
481/130Handmade in Mexico Mini Purse / Xaver cleaner $25 Dry Cleaning G/CDiscount Carpet
506/134Porcelein Christmas Doll / Black Cat Clothing Store $25 G/C
537/58CAT American Flag Shirt / Moose $25 Food Purchase G/C$10.00CAT
542/22YSC Gear Sports Basket / Plymouth Lawn & Garden $10 G/CYSC Gear
553/74CAT orange winter cap, cup coozie / Servpro 3 Room Carpet$10.00CAT
556/201CAT Peterbuilt Semi Model / UPS Store $25 G/CCAT
562/258Simply Autumn Decor Throw Blanket / Catos $25 G/C
595/450Case IH License Place / Thin Blue Line Bane Welker
237Swan Lake Four Rounds Golf w/Cart
114Expressions Dance Studio $100 G/C$50.00
153/233TLC to the Max $40 G/C / 821 Car Wash $20$45.00
223/468American Welding $50 / License Plate Frame with Skull LED eyes$50.00
36Jefferson Street Automotive Oil Change$29.99
186Woodbury Golf Course 1 (2) some 18hole
181/87Plymouth Therapeutic Massage 30 min w/Terri / Beauty Stache wax

3:00 to 3:30

Item No.DescriptionValueDonor
409/165LED Projection Light Show / Burger King 4 Whopper Combo Meal
493/41Santa Decor / Whiteman Cook Green House $25 G/C
509/528CAT Hat w/ Camo License Plate
551/48CAT Hat with Wristbands / Pizza Hut One Large 3 Topping
615/139Regis Design Line Shampoo, Conditioner, & Spray / Encore $20 G/C
621Halloween Pumpkin Decor CoupleFelke's Florist
625/90Gold Light Up Ribbon Wreath / Barn Café $5 G/CDee Kelly
628/122Holiday Hoopla Serving Board Set / Pilot News 6mo Subscription
636/70Sherwin Williams Paint Kit / Lowry's Carpet Clean $25 towards Carpet Cleaning
638Brunswick 10lb 4oz Bowling BallQuick's Lanes
2144 Globetrotters Tickets
196North Central Pallets 1pickup load of mulch
190Country Auto Oil Change 5qt
28Holiday Inn Express One Night King Size Bed
97New Atitude Jessi Knepp Shampoo Cut$20.00
146Elks Fish Dinner (2) tickets

3:30 to 4:00

Item No.DescriptionValueDonor
421/133Lightening Charge & Sync Cable / Black Cat Clothing Store $25 G/C
431/8LED Projection Light / Sweet Swirls $5 G/C
499/200DVX Black Sunglasses / UPS Store 100 B/W copies
524/517American Flag CAT License Plate & CAT HatBane Welker
552/227CAT Frisbee, Wristbands, coozie / Marathon $20 G/C ... / Husband Exterminators
561Red & Blue Homemade Quilt
599/593CASE IH Tractor Model & CASE IH License PlateBane Welker
612/23Single Malt Scotch Whiskey / Plymouth Lawn & Garden $10 G/C
622/203Carwash Kit / Ferrellgas 20lbs Cylinder FillAdvance Auto
629Wax Warmer$57.00Remembrance Center
239Essence Spa & Salon Five Tanning Sessions
213Plymouth Family pool pass
195Pretty Lake Golf Club 4 Some w/golf cart
154S&S Lawn Pickup- load wood
152KFC Fillup Meal$20.00
25Auto Park Oil Change
65/104Kays Beauty Salon Haircut / BullDawg Drive Inn Argos $5 G/C
669Hand Crochet Camo Baby Afghan

4:00 to 4:30

Item No.DescriptionValueDonor
420/176LED Light Projection Show / Michiana Raceway park (2) ten minute gift card
4442002 Lloyd Ilburg Decor
511/525/252CAT Hat & CAT License Plate / Baileys $50 G/C
5465 Light Chandelier
558CAT keychain, wristbands, Excavator ModelBane Welker
616/12Grave Before Shave Beard Balm & Butter w/ Candle / Brass Rail $10 G/C
618/9Snack Pack / Sweet Swirls $5 G/C
630/73Budweiser Racing Sign / Servpro 3 Room Carpet Clean
631/43Christmas Tabletop Decor / Whiteman Cook Green House $25 G/C
637/232$30 Wing Bucks, Stella Artois Glasses, Miller Lite Bucket / 821 Car Wash $20
184Woodbury Golf Course 1 (2) some 18hole
53Deans Auto Detail $125.00
38/164Jefferson Street Autommotive Oil Change
/Burger King 4 Whopper Combo Meal
209American Cleanpro $199 GC$199.00
63April Hair Mecanix Highlight Lowlight
106/140Jana's Gymnastics $25 G/C Towards 8 week session New Student / Encore $20 G/C$25.00
240/256Essence Spa & Salon 5 Tanning Sessions / Truth About Dogs 1st Day of Training Free

4:30 to 5:00

Item No.DescriptionValueDonor
418Projection Lighting 20ft white$20.00
514/526Black CAT Baseball Hat, CAT Vanity Plate$20.00Caterpillar South Bend
555/96CAT orange winter cap, cup coozie / Ponderosa $25 G/C$10.00Caterpillar
640Hello Kitty OPI Nail Polish Advent Calendar
645/64Bourbon St Pizza / Kays Beauty Salon Haircut
649/193Outdoor Gun Case & Hat / Mi Lindo Acapulco II $10 G/C
650Animal Home Accessories
657Farmer's Market SignNa Rie Simple Treasures
659Christmas Sled DecorRustic & Chic
663Chrysalis BraceletsFernbaugh's
189Alpha Flight Discover Flight$50.00
211/199Bowen Printing Graduation Package / UPS Store 100 Colored copies $100.00
242JMD Life Style $25 G/C$25.00
35Jefferson Street Autommotive Oil Change$29.99
118/132Country Charm Cleaners $25 Dry Cleaning G/C / Black Cat Clothing Store $25 G/C$25.00
654Rustic Wooden Serving TrayDave & Laura Rustic Creation

5:00 to 5:30

Item No.DescriptionValueDonor
416Projection Lighting 20ft Star Spinner$20.00
417/241Gideon Magic spell book / Mirror Image $25 G/C$15.00Game Stop
529/540Black CAT Vanity Plate, High Vis CAT T-shirt$20.00
550/263Black Bobcat hat / BP $25 Gas Card$15.00
568/111Plastic multiple picture frame / Hacienda Erskine Plaza $25 G/C$10.00
627/129O'Douls Lightup Sign / Xaver cleaner $25 Dry Cleaning G/C
632Jim Beam Gift Set
651/202Carwash Kit / Ferrellgas 20lbs Cylinder FillAuto Zone
662Hickory Farmhouse Sampler
664/141Button Flower Pot / Encore $20 G/CBoone's Primitive
24Auto Park Oil ChangeAuto Park
27Holiday Inn Express One Night King Size Bed
51Jamal Car Auto Detail $125.00
236Dickies Swan Lake $100 G/C
127Pizza Bills Large Pizza 3 Topping/Burrito,Salad$35.00
155S&S Lawn Pickup- load wood
266Auto Parts $25 G/C
690Stop Signs

5:30 to 6:00

Item No.DescriptionValueDonor
423Quickcell waterproof speaker$20.00
424Disney Magical Spotlight exterior$20.00
446Disney Magical Spotlight exterior$20.00
534/527Medium black CAT t-shirt / CAT vanity plate$20.00Caterpillar South Bend
557/95CAT coozie, Bobcat small you compactor / Ponderosa $25 G/C$15.00
579/131Big Wubble Fulla Marbles & Pick Me Pop / Black Cat Clothing Store $25 G/C$16.00Walgreens
633/249Chicago Bears Flag Laser Autographed by Khalil Mack / Papa Johns 3Lg pizzasChicago Bears
639/42Big Sexy Hair Kit / Whiteman Cook Green House $25 G/C
647/117Floor Cleaning Kit / Country Charm Cleaners $25 Dry Cleaning G/CPratt's Floor Covering
655/192Pepper Patch Hot Sauces / Mi Lindo Acapulco II $10 G/C
110Culver Park 4 hour Kayak Rental
175Shamrock Health & Fitness $85 G/C$85.00
243Boys & Girls Annual (2) Membership$100.00
72Servpro 3 Room Carpet Cleaning
254Truth About Dogs 1st Training Day=Free Day of Daycare
229/11CC Hair -Christina $25 / Brass Rail $10 G/C