Half Hour Blocks

9:00 to 9:30

Item No.DescriptionValueDonor
406/433Sally's Beauty Supply Basket / Triton Zip-up XL
323Harley Leather Backrest
365Remembrance Center Goodie Basket (Scarf, Soap, Bathbomb)
921000 Gallon Septic Cleanout$235.00Stone Excavating
377/1Fire Dept. License Plate Cover / $50 Walmart GC... / AK Industries
386/65Zippo Lighter American Flag / Hacienda $25 G/C Erskine Plaza
339/35Bathmat / Karma T-Shirt, Mask / Brass Rail $20 GC
171/330Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum / Ram Road SignMichiana Contracting
189Plymouth Therapeutic 30min Massage by Jeannie
159/50Dry Run Kitchen / Country Charm $25 Dry Cleaning G/C
11/347Pilot News 6mo Subscription / Bane Welker Weather Vane
107Ask for Flowers 1 Fresh Arrangement of Your Choice
30/142Black Cat Clothing Store / Beaux Cheveux Studio w/Christina Pepple
476Kings Jewelry Bracelet (mens)
69Expression Dance Studio by Nikki
181/158Mila's Mini Market / Angie Flory 1 G/C for 6 Cocoa Bombs GC
26/109/54821 Car Wash / Treats Squire Shop / Bowen Printing 16x20 Canvas Print
152Holiday Inn Plymouth 1 Standard Room for 1 Night
71Essence Spa 10 Sauna Sessions
186Wings Etc $10 Wing Nut Dollars
227Four Rounds of Golf w/CartSwan Lake

9:30 to 10:00

Item No.DescriptionValueDonor
405/37Sally's Beauty Bag / Brass Rail $20 GC
312IU Traffic Light
337Case International Harvester Laptop BagJune Stahl
354Lake Max Women's Purple Sweatshirt (Medium)
344/2Bane Welker Can of Nuts (20oz) / $50 Walmart G/C... / AK Industries
321Na Rie Picnic Basket
390Jose Cuervo Margarita Cooler - Roller - Martins Supermarket
39/16Whiteman-Cook Green Houses / Mi Camino $15 G/C
141/488Making the Cut Haircut $20 Value / Silver Snowflake Ornaments Set of 6
143/116/94Dry Run Kitchen / BullDawg Drive Inn Argos / Sweet Swirlz Frozen Yogurt
104/263Amore Jules Shampoo Haircut Blow Dry / 4 Boxes of Girl Scout Cookies
42/95New Attitude Salon Pedicure by Amy ($30 value) / Sweet Swirlz Frozen Yogurt
466Moose SignMichiana Contracting
166McIntyre Mulch 4 Yards of Mulch Any Color ($130 value)
165Holiday Inn Plymouth 1 Standard Night for 1 Day
47Bowman's Tin Shop Furnace Clean
477Tastefully Simple Basket
72Essence Spa & Salon 10 Salt Room Sessions
487Sports Tube
32/232Black Cat Clothing $25 G/C / 6 Pack Cocoa Bombs by Rebecca
22/194Pizza Bills $25 G/C / Rob's Grill BOGO
218Swan Lake Chop House $50 G/C

10:00 to 10:30

Item No.DescriptionDonorValue
319/379Napa Car Wash Bucket / Antique License Plate Cover
87/160Cato $25 GC / Hybrid Combat Club 1 Month Ju Jitsu
348/40Bane Welker Weathervane / Whiteman's Green House $50 G/C
404/70Sally's Beauty Supply Bag / Expressions by Nikki $25 G/C
363Coffee BasketSteve & Brenda Harper/Posniak
351/3Tin Caps Hat & Miniature Frisbees / $50 Walmart G/C... / AK Industries
391Sunny Acres Jam (Red, Strawberry, Blackberry) 4 Each
325John Deere Steel Wagon
62/384100 Black/White Copies / Zippo LighterUPS Store / ...
1124 In Stock TiresDiscount Muffler
161/15Dry Run Kitchen / LaDezert 6 Cupcakes
12/21Pilot News 6 Month Subscription / Nancy's Beauty Shop $25 G/C
41/43New Attitude Pedicure by Amy / Country Charm $25 Dry Cleaning G/C
486Centier Bank Money Tree
482Great Clips Basket of Hair Products
202/195American Legion $25 G/C / Rob's Grill BOGO
118500lbs Culligan Solar SaltAdams Water
79American Clean Pro $100 G/C
264Home Teeth Whitening KitBrian Topping Dental Group
245/257Chicago Bears Autographed Photo / Auto Park Oil Change
221Swan Lake One Night's Stay at Hotel

10:30 to 11:00

Item No.DescriptionValueDonor
333/334Ornaments / Disney Holiday Light Show
332Plymouth Fire Dept. Smoke Alarm, T-Shirt, Kids Hat
362Scentsy Gift Box
375Floral Blanket - Thomas Kincade
336/4Natural Wood Centerpiece / $50 Walmart G/C... / AK Industries
403/89Sally's Beauty Supply Gift Bag / $25 Cato G/C
315Everlasting Glow Candle Set
340/88Velvet Pumpkins / $25 Cato G/C
388Winter Candle CenterpieceSteve & Brenda Harper
178Justin Time System Tune Up (Includes Filter)$180
442Wooden Heart ShelfDC Garage Door Receptionist
61/464100 Color Copies / Bear Road SignThe UPS Store / Michiana Contracting
145/14/117Dry Run Kitchen in Argos / La Dezert 6 Cupcakes / BullDawg Drive Inn $5 G/C
261Plymouth Park Department Family Pool Pass
446Food BasketPHS Lunch Ladies
44/33Country Charm $25 Drop Off Service G/C / $25 Black Cat Clothing G/C
91/1931 Month Integrity Academy w/Uniform / Rob's Grill BOGO
56American Clean Pro $100 G/C
197TLC to the Max Grooming $40 G/C
2264 Rounds of Golf w/CartSwan Lake

11:00 to 11:30

Item No.DescriptionDonorValue
2484 Box Seat Tickets South Bend Cubs Opening NightAdams Remco
146/376Auto Park Oil Change / Fire Department License Plate Cover
5$50 Walmart G/CAK Industries
129/144Applebees 1 Free Appetizer GC / CC Hair Co. $27 G/C
410/368Sally's Beauty Bag / Paparazzi Jewelry... / Tiffany Dean
313/83Handmixer / Gallon of Honey from Freedom Hills Farm
55/3650 Free Graduation Invitations, Yard Sign , Banner / Brass Rail $20 G/CBowen Printing / ...
89/73Cato $25 GC / R&D Flea Market $25 G/C
130/231Jana's Gymnastics One Free Gym Class / 1 Dozen Oreo Truffles by Rebecca
594 Day PassesLifeplex
360Twin Size Blue Quilt
13/86Pilot News 6mo Subscription / Papa Johns 4 Large 1 Topping Pizzas
2591 Week Day Camp Ages 5-13Plymouth Park Department
439Coffee Lodge BasketCoffee Lodge Bakery
448Gingerbread Man with Lotto Gift BasketSteve & Brenda Harper
27/122821 Car Wash / King Gyros
437Plymouth Sweater (3) & T-ShirtBritney Houston
397Purse, Shampoo, Conditioner, Silver BraceletCathy Carpenter
459/452Golf Cart Sign / Beer StineMichiana Contracting / P&N Pawn Shop
217$50 Chop House G/C

11:30 to 12:00

Item No.DescriptionValueDonor
440/489Wooden Shelf / Set of 6 Gold Snowflake OrnamentsDC Garage Door Receptionist / ...
316/345Koi Fish Bowls / Dips from Whistle Stop / Can of Nuts from Bane Welker
356Hoosier Racing Tire Shirts & HatsHoosier Tire
1374 Person Bowl-A-Palooza PackQuick's Lanes
128/90Applebees 1 Free Appetizer GC / Cato $25 G/C
395/462Horse Brush / Horse SignTSC / Michiana Contracting
148/156Auto Park Oil Change / 2 Crazy Breads & 2 Pepperoni Pizzas... / Little Caesars
458/427Pilgrim Way Sign / Plymouth Pilgrims HoodieMichiana Contracting / Britney Houston
445Baking BasketPHS Lunch Ladies
190/168Got Game $15 GC / Yolanda's $50 G/C
409/183Sally's Gift Basket / Drendalyn $25 G/C Simplicity Salon
147/115/163$20 Dry Run G/C / $5 Bulldawg Drive Inn G/C / Angie's Cocoa Bombs
101Mirror Image Salon w/Melinda $25 G/C
110/96New Attitude Salon Erin Morris Shampoo, Dry & Cut / Sweet Swirlz Frozen Yogurt
251Blackthorn Golf 1 Foursome w/CartAdams Remco
48/31Kay's Beauty Supply Value Shampoo, Cut & Dry / Black Cat $25 G/C$35 / ...
28/6821 Car Wash / $50 Walmart G/C... / AK
198DC Garage$125
191/133Got Game $15 GC / Jana's Gymnastics 1 Free Gymnastics Class
220Swan Lake 1 Night Stay at Hotel

12:00 to 12:30

Item No.DescriptionValueDonor
443/304Children's Basket / Ben's Pretzel Baking Kit
131/1141 Free Gymnastics or Ninja Class / $5 Bulldog Drive Inn G/CJana's Gymnastics / ...
438Bremen Lions SweatshirtBritney Houston
303/349Disney FN Light / Red Bows
324Basket w/ Warm Vanilla Sugar & Lotto TicketsLarry & Glenda Pachniak and Steve & Brenda Harper
7$50 Walmart G/CAK Industries
150/17Auto Park Oil Change / Mi Camino $15 G/C
74/19210 Tanning Sessions / Got Game $15 G/CEssence Spa / ...
367/408Cuff Bracelet / Sally's Gift BasketFernbaugh's / ...
151/66Dry Run Kitchen / Dora Nicole Hair Salon $25 G/C
180Justin Time $150 Off Navien Tankless Water Heater Install
471Chillaxin Duo Lounge
127/102Applebee's 1 Free Appetizer / Cast Hair Studio Repair, Seal, Style & Malibu... / $55
173$25 G/C Towards Lowry's Carpet Cleaning
453/378Beer Stine / Ambulance License Plate CoverPawn Shop / Low Bobs
429Argos Dragons Zip Up SweaterBritney Houston
119500lbs Culligan Solar SaltAdams Water
46$25 Country Charm Cleaning Drop Off Laundry G/C
209Papa Vino's Wine Harvest Dinner for 6
244Discover Flight - Mentone

12:30 to 1:00

Item No.DescriptionValueDonor
318/381Auto Zone Cleaning Supplies / Firetruck License Plate Cover
392Advanced Auto Parts Winterizing Bucket
169Super 8 One Night Stay King/Queen Pullout Sofa Sleeps 6$150
481/256Custom Beer Mug / Auto Park Oil Change
474/450Reynborg Mens FN Bracelet / Beer SteinKing's Jewelry / Pawn Shop
188/8Wings Ect. $10 Wing Nut Dollars / $50 Walmart Gift Card... / AK Industries
485100 Piece Mechanic Tool Set
370/387/335American Crew Mens Product - Making the Cut / Dad Sign / Workbelt... / Brandy Warren / ...
310ND Traffic LightMichiana Contracting
421Echo Weed Eater
318/210Auto Park Oil Change / Klotz Automotive Oil Change
153/97Dry Run Kitchen / Sweet Swirls
174$25 G/C Towards Lowry's Carpet Cleaning
121/108$15 King Gyros GC / $25 Treats for Men G/C
461Tractor SignMichiana Contracting
389Sweet A** LightFederated Auto
179/196Justin Time $250 off Installation / Rob's Grill BOGO
199Ace Fitness 3 Month Membership
29/472821 Car Wash 2 Premium Car Washes / Sunglasses from Bright Eyes
841 Gallon of Honey
2254 Rounds of Golf w/CartSwan Lake

1:00 to 1:30

Item No.DescriptionValueDonor
407/419Sally's Gift Basket / Vase
402Jack SkellingtonMarta Bagley
4342 Triton T-ShirtsBritney Houston
172Hoosier Valley Railroad $25 G/C
155 / Dry Run Kitchen
203/164American Legion $25 GC / Coco Bombs... / Angie Flory
140Angie Kain Family Mini Photography Session & 10-15 Pictures$150
125/49Applebees 1 Free Appetizer / Tonda Shampoo, Cut & Dry
175$25 G/C Towards Lowry's Carpet Cleaning
400Oral B Rechargeable ToothbrushDr. Pedavoli
454/457Duck's Unlimited Beer Stein / Plymouth Rockies Road Sign... / Michiana Contracting
430/239Argos Dragons Hoodie / Shampoo Cut and StyleBritney Houston / Toni's Hair Hut
1854 Person Bowl-a-PaloozaQuick's Lanes
162/85Hybrid Combat Club 1 Month Muay Thai / Papa John's 4 Lg, 1 Topping Pizzas
9$50 Walmart G/CAK Industries
431/208Taco Sweater / 1 Free Bounce House Rental... / Michiana Rental
24Best One $50 G/C
399Case of Glass CleanerPlymouth Glass
216$50 Swan Lake Chop House G/C

1:30 to 2:00

Item No.DescriptionValueDonor
136/100Hacienda Plymouth $25 G/C / Karma $25 G/CJana's Gymnastics / Karma
327/300White Sparkly Wreath / Disney Magic Projector
25/18Best One $50 GC / Mi Camino $15 G/C
149/82Dry Run Kitchen $25 G/C / 1 Gallon of Honey from Freedom Hills
124/350Applebees Appetizer G/C / 10 Tanning Session & Lotion... / Plymouth Tanning Company
353/205Culver Sweatshirt XL / Legacy Salon $20 G/C
2141 Free Pizza per Month for 1 YearPizza Hut
170/38Beaux Cheveux Studio $50 GC / Brass Rail $20 G/C
463/255Donkey Sign / Auto Park Oil ChangeMichiana Contracting / ...
207/53$25 Plymouth Lawn and Garden G/C / $25 Country Charm Dry Cleaning G/C
176$25 Towards Lowry's Carpet Cleaning
10$50 Walmart G/CAK Industries
631 30 Day Membership to Ace Fitness
456/105Pilgrims Road Sign / $25 Pak-a-Sak G/C
411/213Sally's Beauty Bag / $20 Papa Vino's G/C
432/306Triton Apparel 2XL Zip-up Tshirt / Ben's Pretzel Kit
311Purdue Stoplight
98$50 Blueberry Cottage
120/2011 Dozen Cupcakes / $25 American Legion G/CKatie's Cupcakery / ...
301/235Honey / 2hrs Kayak RentalDave Lattimer / Culver Park
2244 Rounds of Golf w/CartSwan Lake

2:00 to 2:30

Item No.DescriptionValueDonor
78Bob's Cafeteria Tailgate Party for 10
383/10360 Years Old Mug / Wash, Cut & Style Cast Hair Salon... / Amy Harris
187/211Wings Ect. $10 Wing Nut Dollars / Klotz Oil Change
106/34ASK For Flowers 1 Fresh Choice Arrangement / $20 Brass Rail G/C$55 / $20
134/2301 Free Gymnastics or Ninja Class / 4 Cocoa BombsJana's Gymnastics/Rebecca
76/204Elizabeth's Garden / Legacy Spa and Salon
77 Smith Farm Store $40 G/C
2004 Person Bowl-a-Palooza PackQuick's Lanes
80American Clean Pro $100 G/C
423Blueberry Festival Basket
135/75Hacienda Plymouth $25 GC / R&D Flea Market $25 G/C
139Making the Cut VIP Hair Cut, Beard Trim, Hot Towels$30
4797.5' Fiberglass Fishing Fly Rod
357/206Hoosier Tire Apparel / $25 Plymouth Lawn & Garden G/C
157/67Dry Run Kitchen / Dora Nicole Hair Salon $25 G/C
123Shoberg $100 Speedway G/C
309Holiday Lottery Gift Basket
435/412Culver Cavaliers Apparel / Sally's Beauty Bag
447Baking Basket
449/385Plymouth Pilgrims Road Sign / American Flag ZippoMichiana Contracting / ...
223Four Rounds of Golf w/CartSwan Lake

2:30 to 3:00

Item No.DescriptionValueDonor
398Pedicure Basket
372TIGI Hair Care Basket
401Sally Doll - Scentsy
366Yellow River Glass Beaded Bracelet
426/416Bath Bomb Advent Calendar / Sally's Beauty Bag
369/236Paparazzi Tiff Dean Earing & Necklace / Beauty Stache Shampoo Cut & Style
111/212New Attitude Erin Morris Shampoo, Cut & Dry / $30 Papa Vino's G/C
361Brown Patch Quilt
307/424Jewelry Box / Small Cozy Lounge Wear Set
473Ray Ban's Sunglasses Bright Eyes
359/126Hoosier Racing Tire Coat / Free Applebee's Appetizer
138Full Mouth Teeth WhiteningDr. Plumlee
229/2371 Dozen Chocolate Covered Strawberries / Shampoo, Cut, Wax & Beauty Stache
20Deans Auto Detail$125.00
250Blackthorn Golf 4 Rounds of Golf (1 foursome)$250.00
182/68Mila's $10 G/C / 30min Massage by Allie
52/58$25 Country Charm G/C / One Month Membership Lifeplex Dance Academy
3$50 Walmart G/CAdams Remco
184/415$25 Simplicity Salon G/C / Sally Beauty Bag
371Beaches and Backroads Color Street & Brandi Warren Powder Dip Nail Kit

3:00 to 3:30

Item No.DescriptionValueDonor
305/253Halloween Projector / Auto Park Oil Change
355/234Sm Gray Cafe Max Hoodie / Culver Beach Pass 2022
382/328/478Firefighter License Plate / Toolbelt / Hellcat Holster
417/441Sally's Beauty Supply Bag / Wooden Heart Shelf
241North Central Pallet 1 Pickup Load of Colored Mulch
425/132Skin Care Advent Calendar / 1 Free Jana's Gymnastics or Ninja Class
931000 Gallon Septic Cleanout$235.00Stone Excavating
465/254Cow Road Sign / Auto Park Oil ChangeMichiana Contracting / ...
314Dual Basket Fryer
483Argos Hardware Flashlight
484Wrench Set$225.00Uncle Dougs
242Shademaster Front Windshield Glassparency Protection
420Husqvarna String TrimmerTrue Value
380/64Fire Truck License Plate Cover / $25 Hacienda G/C Erskine Plaza
57American Clean Pro $100 G/C
414/342Sally Bag / Knitted Blanket
243Discover Flight w/Mentone Flying Club
240/322Two Season Tickets Plymouth Boys Varsity Basketball / NC State Headrest
2464 Box Seats South Bend Cubs Saturday Night GameAdams Remco
233Tooth Whitening by James Ryan DDS$250.00
45/475Country Charm $25 G/C For Dry Cleaning / Men's Bracelet... / King's Jewelry
228Four Rounds of Golf w/CartSwan Lake

3:30 to 4:00

Item No.DescriptionValueDonor
19Dean's Auto Detail
436/455Rockies Sweat Set / Rockies Road Sign... / Michiana Contracting
422The French Press Mug & $15 G/C
364/413Avyna Shampoo & Conditioner / Sally's Beauty Bag
2491 Foursome of Golf w/CartBlackthorn Golf
451/113PNP Anheuser Busch Stein / $100 Off 4 In-Stock Tires... / Discount Muffler
338/99Karma Bag / Karma $50 G/C
352/60Case Sweatshirt / 500 Color Business Cards... / The UPS Store
326Wooden American FlagSally Frick
468/154Ram Sign / 2 Crazy Bread & 3 Pepperoni PizzasMichiana Contracting / Little Caesars
177Justin Time Smart Thermostat and Installation$300.00
238/490Shampoo, Cut & Dry / Set of 6 Red Snowflake OrnamentsToni's Hair Hut / ...
373Cobalt Wrench Set$225.00Uncle Doug
81/51Gallon of Honey / $25 Country Charm Dry Cleaning G/C
2582 Cases of Coke Product Per Month for 1 Year
470Jaclyn Smith 7.5ft Prelit Pine
467/252Deer Sign / Auto Park Oil ChangeMichiana Contracting / ...
358/167Hoosier Tire Apparel / Cafe Max $50 G/C
247/4284 Box Seats South Bend Cubs Fireworks Night / Argos Dragon ApparelAdams Remco / ...
215$100 Chop House G/C & 4 Rounds of Golf w/CartSwan Lake

4:00 to 4:30

Item No.DescriptionValueDonor
460Fire Engine SignMichiana Contracting
346Bane Welker Ram Truck and Anhydrous Tanker
418Blinger Hair Fashion Kit
343Case Tractor
317Cherished Teddies Plush Gift Set in Tin
393TSC Classic Rope Swing
219Swan Lake 1 Night Stay in Hotel
308John Deere Farm Set
331Baby Yoda PinataJaime's Grocery
302Ben's Pretzel Baking Kit
329Plush Piggy Bank
469Toy Box
374Cyco Cycle
262Plymouth Pool Park Pass
2601 Week Day CampPlymouth Park Department
341Drew's Gift of Music Esteban Guitar
444Baking SetPlymouth Schools Lunch Team
491Paparazzi Kids Jewelry
4923 Popits